2023: 4-Week Online Medical Coding and Billing Course

A excellent method to support the medical industry is to work as a medical biller and coder. Every physician and every clinic need a capable and reliable individual to submit the proper claims to insurance providers for reimbursement.

In as little as four weeks, you may complete accelerated online courses to get a certificate in medical billing and coding. The same credential may, however, be obtained over a longer period of time by taking one of the various medical billing and coding courses that are offered.

How can you tell which choice is the best? Your availability, intended study term, and anticipated timing for graduation and employment all play a role in how everything will pan out.

You should also think about whether attending lessons online or in person is more appealing to you. More information on these and other queries concerning medical billing and coding programs and colleges is provided below.

Associated Programs You Might Find Interesting

Contact the colleges listed here to find out more about start dates, credit transfers, financial aid options, and other topics.

A medical biller and coder is what?

You may anticipate working in an office as a medical biller and coder, often at a doctor’s office, hospital, rehab facility, or nursing home. The majority of the job descriptions are the same, however they may vary somewhat based on the particulars of the office where you work. The following is a list of the principal tasks a medical coder is likely to perform:

  • To properly assign codes for billing, review patient files for notes from the doctor on the patient’s health, procedures, and office visits.
  • To assure the accuracy of the data, collaborate with physicians, nurses, medical assistants, and patients.
  • Charge services rendered to insurance firms.
  • Examine the accuracy, legality, and existence of any required previous authorizations in claims information.
  • Claims were audited for correctness and the basis for the rejection.
  • Insurance companies are rejecting claims after receiving the missing data.
  • Recognize and uphold the patient’s privacy throughout the billing process.

How to Pick the Best Certificate or Degree in Medical Billing and Coding

The sort of certificate or degree you want to get should be your first consideration when selecting the finest choice for your medical billing and coding education. Even while many businesses prefer that you have an associate’s degree, many may accept a medical billing certificate. A bachelor’s degree in medical coding and billing is another option, however.

Earlier education

Do you currently own any college credits? You could also have attended a vocational college or completed additional courses. The accelerated medical billing and coding program you choose can let you transfer some of the credits you’ve already earned if you’ve attended any post-secondary institutions.

Education Online or in a Classroom

Your choices while selecting a school and a learning method are many due to the abundance of medical billing and coding courses. Earning your medical billing and coding certification online can be the ideal option for you if you have a quiet study space, are good at managing your time, and are highly organized. However, you may want to think about selecting a conventional learning style school if you are the kind of person who requires more discipline and a strict timetable.


If you want to further your education, be sure the certificate or program you pick is accepted. It is a great choice to look into the accreditation of the college, trade school, or other institution where you will get your certification. It is doubtful that credits earned in an unaccredited institution will transfer to a two- or four-year university or college.

Duration of a Certification in Medical Coding and Billing

You should also consider how much time you will need to dedicate to medical coding education. If you need a job right now, enrolling in an online medical coding and billing program will be the shortest route to your new career. However, many people who have the means to do so think of pursuing an associate’s or even a bachelor’s degree in college.

Medical Coding and Billing Courses Online for 4 Weeks 2023

We are aware that the top medical billing and coding online courses might be difficult to locate. Below is a list of medical billing and coding colleges for your convenience.


Timeline for completion: 3 to 5 weeks
Course Fee: $699.95
Certification Type Awarded: Certificate Accreditation: None Type of Delivery: Online

Despite not having formal accreditation, this university is well-known nationwide. Working at your own speed and on your own time, the course might take 40–60 hours to complete. You may do internet research and read online reviews of previous students’ experiences while taking this medical billing and coding course. All of the tests for this course will be taken online.

You will discover the necessities for your job throughout this accelerated online medical and billing course. You will discover how to apply for the best jobs as well as the employment prospects. Your coursework will also cover processing claims, managed plans, workers’ compensation, and other topics.

Medical coding and billing courses that are expedited


Duration: 4 months, including a 12-month period of access to the course.
Course Fee: $4,199
Online course delivery format Certificate of Completion awarded: Certificate

With full-time study, the Medical Billing and Coding course from CareerStep may be finished in as little as four months. Medical billing and coding training from CareerStep is used by some of the biggest brands in the healthcare sector to teach their staff. This course gets you ready to start working right away when you finish it by preparing you to be eligible to take the CPC and COC national certification tests and to obtain practical, real-world experience.

Ashworth University

Timeline for Completion: 4 to 12 months
$899 to $1099 for the course.
Distance Education Accrediting Commission Certification Type Awarded: Certificate Course Delivery Type: Online

One of the shortest online medical billing and coding programs is offered by Ashworth College. This online course may be completed at your own leisure. This course may be finished in as little as a year. However, most students complete their courses in around four months. You may submit questions on Ashworth’s student website, and Ashworth is DEAC-accredited.

If you wish to further your career, you will want a few texts for Ashworth’s online medical billing and coding classes. These include tools, ICD-10 publications, Comprehensive Medical Coding, the NHA Certified Billing and Coding Specialist exam, and many more. If you pass every class, you’ll get a certificate at graduation.

Rasmussen University

Timeline for completion: nine months
Course Fees: $10,044 for tuition and $2,050 for supplies.
On-campus and online course delivery types; certificate as a form of certification
Higher Learning Commission accreditation

Rasmussen College offers a certificate program in medical coding and billing. This institution provides both on-campus and online courses. The typical length of time to complete your degree is just nine months. However, you will also have the choice to study at your own speed. Additionally, you may utilize your completion of this course to enter the Health Information Technician program and complete your associate’s degree there. The Higher Learning Commission has also certified this fast-track medical billing and coding program.

You will discover the most effective techniques to deal with patient records as well as patient privacy in Rasmussen’s medical billing and coding curriculum. You will also learn medical coding, medical terminology, anatomy, and many other topics.


Time Frame for Completion: 15 months
Course Fee: $20,880
Course On-campus, online, or a hybrid of both types of delivery
Type of Certification Awarded:The Commission on Accreditation of Career Schools and Colleges has accredited this certificate.

It will take around fifteen months to get your medical billing and coding degree at Miller-Motte. The campuses in Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee, and South Carolina all offer in-person course attendance. You may, however, decide to do your homework online. Some students want to combine the two curricula.

You will acquire knowledge and skills necessary for the job market of today in the Miller-Motte medical billing and coding course. You will gain knowledge about anatomy, physiology, medical jargon, and other topics. Additionally, you have the choice of enrolling in classes on the neurological, reproductive, and sensory systems. You will also learn about medical billing and coding rules, regulations, and best practices.

North Idaho University

Timeline for completion: two years
$3,470 for the course; $6,552 for Idaho residents. Course Delivery Method for Out-of-State Residents: In-Person
Associate of Applied Science certification type awarded Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities accreditation

An associate’s degree in applied science is possible via the medical billing and coding program at Northern Idaho College. Since this is a regular institution, students must physically attend classes. You must complete many general education classes in order to get your associate’s degree, which typically takes two years to complete.

Human biology, medical billing specialist, office skills, health care legal challenges, and other topics are covered in the medical billing and coding curriculum at NIC. Following graduation from NIC, you could decide to sit for the national certification test to earn additional money as a Certified Coding Associate. Your options for a future profession and educational path are almost limitless with an associate’s degree in applied science.

State University of Dakota

Timeline for completion: one year
The price of the course is $5,578.80 for South Dakota residents and $6,967.20 for out-of-state students. Delivery Methods: Online and in person
Certificate Accreditation: Higher Learning Commission Type of Certification Awarded

Dakota State University is located in South Dakota. Anyone may enroll in the medical billing and coding course, no matter where they live. The whole study program is accessible online. You will pay much more in tuition if you don’t live in Dakota. To be ready for the American Health Information Management Association Certified Coding Test, you may take courses at this university.

You will study subjects like biology and anatomy as part of this curriculum in medical billing and coding. Additionally, topics like healthcare administration and management will be covered. Additionally, physiology, biology, and facets of handling health information will all be covered in this course. It may take you a full year to complete this course, but after you do, you’ll have a solid foundation on which to build if you decide to continue your education and get an associate’s degree in health information technology or a bachelor’s degree in health information administration.

Online Medical Coding and Billing Courses with Free Laptop

Texas A&M Kingsville and Meditec (all Meditec program participants get a free laptop for college)

You may become a Certified Billing and Coding Specialist (CBCS) with the help of this curriculum. Upon completion, Meditec and Texas A&M Kingsville will provide you a voucher to use to register for the certification test.

In comparison to other online colleges, this program has an average cost of $3,500. Instead of charging up to $750 for computers, Meditec and Texas A&M Kingsville incorporate test costs, books, and supplies.

This degree may be finished in as little as three months, as opposed to the 24-48 months it would take at other universities. You will have access to student and peer assistance by text, phone, or email, and they provide dynamic and interesting learning techniques that are accessible around-the-clock. You will have access to student and peer assistance by text, phone, or email, and they provide dynamic and interesting learning techniques that are accessible around-the-clock.

Courses on medical terminology, medical coding, and medical billing are included in the curriculum. The terminology you’ll need to communicate as a healthcare practitioner is covered in Medical Terminology, including particular words, frequent prefixes, and suffixes.

Medical Coding teaches you how to assign diagnosis and procedure codes and exposes you to the three main coding systems used in the healthcare industry. The complexity of medical billing and the procedure for reimbursement, including the creation, processing, and follow-up of forms, are explained in Medical Billing.

Additionally, national diagnostic and procedure coding systems, reimbursement techniques, legal and regulatory challenges, and the development of medical reimbursement will all be covered. With the help of this curriculum, you’ll acquire the abilities and information necessary for a lucrative job in medical billing and coding as well as be well-equipped to sit for the CBCS test.

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